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is initials of Thai Tattoo Studio&Supply, boasting the hottest tattoo studios and cosmetic beauty salons in Phuket & Bangkok. Here, we’re all about helping people find their voice by expressing their individuality through the medium of body modification. Whether it’s a large, detailed back tattoo, eyebrow tattoos

For us, there’s nothing more important than having the freedom to decorate our bodies with eye-catching artwork, demonstrating our passions and values—and that is the beauty of having a tattoo. It could be a geometric piece or a thai tattoo and japanese tattoo , or you may prefer the traditional oriental style or authentic American, in any case, you’re sharing a piece of your soul with the world and we have the skills to actualise your favourite styles!

Japanese tattoo , fudog japanese tattoo 
at TTATT2S(most largest Pattaya tattoo studio)
Buddha Tattoo , by Ttatt2s thai tattoo studio
TTATT2S从事纹身行业超过 15 年,已成为遮盖纹身专家。专长包括动物、插图设计、颜色以及黑色和灰色。单击画廊以查看 TTATT2S如何掌握掩盖艺术的一些示例,并用美丽的艺术作品替换不需要的纹身。

We represent the colors of trendy tattoo or gotattoo. You can check it at www.trendytattoo.com

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